Courses > 2021 Spring



ARTH 295 | COML 299 | ENGL 305 | GSWS 295
401 | LEC | Karen Redrobe, Meta Mazaj | R 10:30am-12pm | Online SYNC & ASYNC

This course is offered online with synchronous and asynchronous components.

This course will provide an introduction to some of the most important film theory debates, and allow us to explore how writers and filmmakers from different countries and historical periods have attempted to make sense of the changing phenomenon known as "cinema," to think cinematically. Topics under consideration may include: spectatorship, authorship, the apparatus, sound, editing, realism, race, gender and sexuality, stardom, the culture industry, the nation and decolonization, what counts as film theory and what counts as cinema, and the challenges of considering film theory in a global context, including the challenge of working across languages. No knowledge of film theory is presumed.

Fulfills Cross Cultural Analysis.