Minor Requirements

A minimum of 7 c.u. of classes focusing primarily on film television and new media


We do not accept transfer credit for these three courses.

  • CIMS 101 - World Film History to 1945
  • CIMS 102 - World Film History, 1945-present
  • CIMS 103 - Television and New Media


ELECTIVES - 4 c.u.

  • Minimum of 1 must be on non-American Cinema.
  • Maximum of 2 may be courses on the production and craft of cinema (e.g. screenwriting, digital video production, cinema production, et similar.)


To declare your major in Cinema and Media Studies, please contact Mr. Nicola M. Gentili, Associate Director.  


For Transfer Credit (courses courses taken before matriculation at Penn), Study Abroad Credit (courses taken at a Penn Abroad program), and Credit Away (courses taken outside of a Penn-approved program after matriculation at Penn) students must secure approval through the XCAT system <http://www.sas.upenn.edu/computing/xcat>. Transfer credit will not be accepted for CIMS 101, CIMS 102, and CIMS 103. All minors must complete these 3 courses at Penn.


In exceptional circumstances, students may request that an independent study be counted toward the minor, but such studies must first be approved by the program director prior to the commencement of the independent study. Students wishing to undertake an independent study must submit a proposal to both the project advisor and the program director outlining the nature of the study and why an independent study is necessary. Independent study advisors must hold a Ph.D.