Graduate Certificate in CIMS

Graduate Certificate in Cinema & Media Studies

PhD and MA students in any PhD and MA programs at Penn may enroll for the Graduate Certificate in Cinema & Media Studies. Students may apply to the certificate only after they’ve been admitted to — or while they’re already enrolled in — a graduate degree program at Penn.

The Graduate Certificate in Cinema & Media Studies is designed to enrich students’ traditional disciplinary training and broaden their perspectives and skill sets. Many traditional academic fields seek job candidates who can demonstrate pedagogical and scholarly strengths in cinema and media studies — who can trace disparate disciplinary discourses through mediated texts, who appreciate that scholarly production and popular discussion of disciplinary concerns comes in various mediated forms, who can support student work in creative formats. Similarly, employers in a range of other fields -— from technology to social service to education — recognize the critical importance of media literacy and production skills to their sectors. The graduate certificate offers clear evidence of such training and ability

To complete the Graduate Certificate, students would fulfill the following requirements over the course of their Ph.D. work:

  • Four seminars in Cinema & Media Studies. These seminars will introduce students to the major issues and debates in film and media studies.
  • Attendance at six Penn Cinema & Media Studies colloquia over the course of graduate study. Colloquia are offered throughout the year, with papers by a film scholar from Penn or elsewhere.

Please be in touch with Rahul Mukherjee, Graduate Chair of Cinema & Media Studies, with any inquiries.