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PRTG 240 | LALS 240
401 | SEM | Carlos Pio | MW 3-4:30pm | Online SYNC

This course is offered online in synchronous format.

This course will analyze interdisciplinary themes of contemporary Brazil, Portugal, and African Portuguese-speaking countries culture through film production, music acts, fashion, architectural styles, and landscape architecture from the 1960s through 2015. The course intends to observe and analyze (1) specific movements of music and cinema in Brazil, Portugal, Guinea-Bissau, and Angola, (2) and also their social and historical settings, and (3) question the future challenges they pose. The different materials used in class discussions will enable students to understand the history, society, and culture of the said countries, develop critical thinking, and improve their communication (oral and writing) skills. Students will also be able to compare these topics to their own background and social experiences.

Fulfills Cross Cultural Analysis.