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ENGL 392
401 | SEM | Rita Barnard | TR 3-4:30pm | FBH 406

This seminar has a bold aim: it seeks to understand better what hashappened in our world since the era of decolonization, by consideringthe term “politics” in its very broadest and most dramaticconnotations, as the dream of social change (and its failure). Anotherway of describing its subject matter is to say that it is aboutrevolution and counterrevolution since the Bandung Conference.Together we will investigate the way in which major historical events,including the struggle for Algerian independence, the military coup inIndonesia, the Cuban Revolution, the assassination of Patrice Lumumbain Congo, the Vietnam War, Latin American dictatorships, the IsraeliPalestinian conflict, the fall of the Soviet Union, the end ofapartheid in South Africa, 9/11, and the Iraq War and its aftermath,have been represented in some of the most innovative and moving filmsof our time. Attention will therefore be paid to a variety of genres,including cinema verité, documentary, the thriller, the biopic,animation, the global conspiracy film, hyperlink cinema, sciencefiction and dystopia. Films will include: The Battle of Algiers, TheYear of Living Dangerously, Memories of Underdevelopment, Lumumba andLumumba: La Mort d’un Prophète, The Fog of War, The Lives of Others, YTu Mama Tambien, Even the Rain, The Constant Gardener, Syriana, TheReluctant Fundamentalist, Waltz with Bashir, Caché, Children of Men,The Possibility of Hope, and (possibly) How To Start a Revolution. Anarchive of secondary readings will be provided. Writing requirements:a mid-term and a final paper of around 8-10 pages each.