Courses > 2016 Spring



GRMN 259 | COML 261
401 | LEC | Ian Fleishman | MW 2-3:30pm | FBH 141

A fascinating look at the prolific career of one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Dubbed the master of darkness by the British Film Institute, Lang’s more than forty features range from early Weimar Expressionism (Metropolis, M., the Mabuse trilogy) to Hollywood film noir (The Big Easy, Hangmen Also Die!, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt). Always at the interstices between high art and popular entertainment, Lang’s work was both banned and courted by the Nazis, both German and—at moments—decidedly American. Suitable for beginners and more advanced students alike, this course will explore Fritz Lang’s aesthetics within and against their political and historical context. Taught in English.