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Elective Courses

CINE 205 - Topics in Chinese Cinema

EALC 225
401 | W 5-8pm | FBH 322

This course is an introduction to Chinese cinema in mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, with emphasis on the way it represents or negotiates notions of China and Chineseness, as well as national and cultural indentity. We will examine Chinese cinematic traditions in light of significant topics such as: the foundation of Chinese cinema and the rise of nationalism; film's relationship to literary and popular cultural discourses; the pursuit of modernization; aesthetic responses to political and historical upheavals and transformations; the aesthetics of revolution, diaspora and transnationalism; visualized sexualities, violence, and youth subculture; collective desires to imagine and reinvent the cultural past; the politics of memory, mourning and amnesia, among others.