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Elective Courses

CINE 320 - Contemporary Animation

ARTH 320
401 | MW 3:30-5pm

Wide ranging class exploring recent short, mainly independent animation films from around the world, with some scope for responding to students’ particular interests. Emphasis on viewing and discussion. Topics covered will include: the relationship of indie films to mainstream commercial production (the art versus industry issue (e.g. animated commercials/music videos); issues around distribution; animating the unconscious: desire and sexuality in animation; animation in relation to other art forms (e.g. dance, music, photography installation, performance art), and to experimental film; how the viewing context affects both production and audience experience (including Internet); animation and documentary; the creative process via case study e.g. charting the development of a particular film Focus will be mainly, though not exclusively, art or independent animation, from Western and Eastern Europe, US/Canada, and South-East Asia, produced over last 25 years. Including international festival prizewinners, Oscar-nominees/winners.