Courses > 2006 Fall


CINE 310 - Mediating Diaspora

SAST 306
401 | M 3-6pm

Michel Foucault has argued that, space exceeds time in our understanding of the present. Starting with this claim, this course considers how globalization and its new formations of diaspora and the trans-national inflect how we think of South Asia. Of particular interest will be the role of sexuality, eroticism, masculinity, femininity, and kinship in the construction of new global identities. How do practices of stereotyping and gender mediate migration, community, and citizenship? How do we newly think of concepts such as belonging, community, the nation, and the state, given the “epochal” change that globalization inaugurates? We will view films such as Gurinder Chaddha’s Bhaji on the Beach, Deepa Mehta’s Fire, and Mira Nair’s Mississippi Masala and 9/11/01: September 11 and others in their respective historical contexts of the UK, Canada, and the US. Critical readings will draw on work in ethnic studies, postcolonial studies, feminist studies, and globalization studies.