Courses > 2006 Fall


CINE 215 - Indian Cinema and Society

SAST 221
401 | TR 12-1:30pm

This course explores the history of cinema in India since 1896 and locates some fascinating ways cinema is related to society and history. We will ground our explorations in an understating of visual and narrative formations--in line with earlier cultural and artistic traditions. W will examine various films (entire films and clips) from different decades, regions, and studios; different "waves" and schools will be studied for an understanding of the ongoing exchanges between the medium and the social, political, religious and cultural histories of the country. We will paint a broad picture of the intense relationship between Indian cinema and society through some close studies of films. We will also touch on the business of film finance, production, exhibition, and distribution (at home territories and in foreign markets), with additional inputs related to state decisions and foreign policies that mark cinema, cinephilia and film scholarship in ways that shape how Indian films are made and viewed at home and abroad--culminating in the phenomenon of 'Bollywood' and the present moment of globalisation.