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Elective Courses

CINE 125 - Dream and Nightmare in Fiction and Film

RUSS 185 | COML 185
401 | TR 3-4:30pm

The course cross-examines some of the most compelling modern fiction and film from Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin and North America, focusing on the relation between dream, delirium, death, displacement, deviance, dissent and creativity. We delve into the Gogolian and Dostoevskian underground to recover eccentric underpinnings for the modernist consciousness, emerging into Bely's nightmarish Petersburg, Kafka's Prague, Machado de Assiss and Mario de Andrades hallucinated Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Proust's liminal Paris, Woolf's disconcerted London, Pessoa's disquieted Lisbon. Taking an interdisciplinary as well as cross-culturally comparative approach to these critical modernist writers, we consider the dreamed city and delirious consciousness that structures much of modernist fiction in relation to other arts, particularly film.