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CIMS 2000 - VIRTUAL REALITY LAB (SNF Paideia Program Course)

ENGL 2951
401 | SEM | Peter Decherney | R 1:45-4:45 | VANP 124

In this collaboration between CIMS and the Oncology Department of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, students will use virtual reality to tell stories of patients’ experiences with Proton Therapy. The VR films will then be available for future Proton Therapy candidates and others who want to understand the experience. This course mixes virtual reality theory, history, and practice. We will read a wide range of scholarship, manifestoes, and memoirs that examine virtual reality and other immersive technologies, stretching from the 18th century to today. We will explore virtual reality projects, including narrative and documentary films, commercial applications, and games. We will work with many different virtual reality systems. And we will learn the basics of creating virtual reality, making fully immersive 3-D, 360-degree films with geospatial soundscapes. Finally, we will take what we have learned out of the classroom, working with the Hospital to create virtual reality experiences based around patient stories. No previous knowledge of VR or experience is necessary. However, this is a course limited to a max of 12 students and subjected to CIMS Dept. restriction to be enrolled in. Student must submit a short paragraph to Prof. Decherney and explain why they wish to take the course.