This course will introduce students to emergent Jewish communities across the globe through a case study of the Abayudaya in Uganda. Students will learn about the origins of this more than one-hundred year old community and its recent rebirth within the context of modern Ugandan history. This course will entail a strong emphasis on writing as part of a larger effort to amplify stories from the Abayudaya community. At the same time, the course will introduce students to fieldwork and filmmaking theories and practice in preparation for a site visit to the Abayudaya in January (over winter break). During this trip, students will work in teams to create short profile films of community members. These may include religious and community leaders, physicians and nurses from the Abayudaya medical and dental clinics, Abayudaya business people, and more. Strong emphasis will be placed on understanding the ethics and rigors of written and visual fieldwork, as well as the intricacies of writing and creating short films. The course output will be housed on a Penn website and YouTube channel, and the films will be shared with community members as part of the faculty’s ongoing collaboration with this community.

This course is a Penn Global Seminar, which includes a travel component. An application is required. For more information and to apply, visit:

Fulfills CIMS History & Geography attribute.