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GSWS 2765 | NELC 2765 | RELS 2765
401 | SEM | Fatemeh Shams | W 1:45-4:45pm | COLL 311A

This course is a comprehensive introductory course to the culture and media of contemporary Iran. It starts in pre-Islamic era, focusing on Persian identity formation and moves on throughout centuries with specific focus on the modern period. The course highlights some of the most unique and understudied aspects of Iranian culture and politics through a multidisciplinary lens with emphasis on literary perspective. Students will read, understand and analyze Iran through short stories, poems, movies, documentaries, and academic journals and books. It aims to provide the students with a solid historical, cultural and theoretical background to be able to tackle complexities of one of the most misunderstood corners of the world. No prior knowledge of Persian language is required for this course and it is open to students of all disciplines levels from juniors to graduates.