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FNAR 070 | MUSC 081 | FNAR 070
401 | SEM | David Novack | M 1-4pm | VANP 425

Sound and Image as experienced in the cinema, are not divisible. One perception influences the other, and transforms it. While a preexisting harmony between these two senses may exist, its conventions are subject to manipulation and the whims of subversion. Film Sound tracks the technological and aesthetic history of sound for film including psychoacoustics, dialogue, music, sound fx and audio’s gradual and triumphant march towards fidelity, stereo and surround sound. This course, through an historical and pedagogical romp loaded with examples throughout film history and visits by lauded audio professionals from the film world, seeks to instruct students to engage in the process of sound perception, gaining an appreciation for the art of sound as it relates to the varied phenomenological dimensions of that unique audio-visual encounter we call movies.