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Elective Courses

CINE 385 - Spanish Screenwriting (Taught in Spanish)

SPAN 386
401 | TR 1:30-3pm | WILL 741

This workshop course explores recent screenwriting in Spain and Latin America while introducing students to the craft of writing original screenplays in Spanish for feature-length and short films. Class sessions include discussions and exercises on building characters, developing stories and plots, creating powerful dialogues and descriptions, and organizing scenes and sequences. We will also compare the differences between screenwriting for short films and developing a script for a feature-length film. Over the course of the semester students will view and analyze recent screenplays written by young Spaniards and Latin Americans such as Santi Amodeo (Astronautas, Spain 2003), Jorge Sánchez-Cabezudo (La noche de los girasoles, Spain 2006), and Fernando Eimbcke (Temporada de patos Mexico 2004). As a final project all students are required to write a screenplay for a short film (20-30 minutes). Students who desire to participate in this senior seminar should have excellent Spanish writing skills and enjoy creative storytelling.