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Elective Courses

CINE 329 - Israeli Literature and Film: The Many Voices of Israel

NELC 159 | COML 282 | JWST 102
401 | TR 1:30-3pm | FBH 231

This course listens and responds to Israeli literary and cinematic expressions of “others,” such as new immigrants, women, Arabs, gays, orthodox Jews, first and second generations of Holocaust survivors, and those of Middle Eastern descent. The Zionist meta-narrative that dominated Israeli literature and film from its inception ignored or suppressed their varied voices until the late 20th century. Initially, authors and directors were predominantly Israeli-born (or educated), Ashkenazi (of European descent) men who tackled the nationalistic, territory- based aspirations of the people. Now that the “periphery” has invaded the “center,” a cacophony of voices replaces the mainstream ideological search for a Zionist utopia.  We will analyze and examine how postmodernist and subversive writers and filmmakers use the different languages of film, prose and poetry to capture the outsider’s experience. There will be 5 film screenings. Grades are based on film response papers; one 6 page term paper; final; and class participation. The content of this course change from year to year, and therefore, students may take it for credit more than once. Fulfills Arts & Letters Sector (all classes) and Cross Cultural Analysis (Class of ’10 and after).