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Elective Courses

CINE 345 - French Identity Through Film (OFFERED IN FRENCH)

FREN 301
401 | TR 1:30-3pm | DRLB 3C4

The central theme guiding this exploration of identity in France is "place." Films, autobiographical narratives and socio-historical documents explore the two main foci of the course: the correlations between place and identity as determined by region, social milieu, ethnicity, gender, religion, political affililiation or cultural taste; the impact of dislocations effected through education, immigration, work, love and marriage. From the poignant to the broadly satirical, the variety of representations included complement objective analyses to understand why the question of place is--or has been--central to identity in France. The historic framework extends from the demise of the "Glorious Thirties" [1947-75] to the present.
Requirements: Papers, films screened outside of class. Conducted entirely in French. Recommended: at least two 200 level courses or equivalent.
Conducted entirely in French; French 226 and 227 recommended. Requirements include response papers to films coordinated with readings.