History of Computer Animation

Elective Courses

CINE 320 - History of Computer Animation

ARTH 301 | ENGL 291 | FNAR 320
402 |SEM |Linda Simensky |M 4:30-7:30pm |FBH 244

This course will look at computer animation as an art form, a series of technological innovations and an industry. We will explore the way in which artistic, technical, historical, and cultural conditions have shaped the development of computer animation. Topics will include the impact of early motion graphics experiments in the sixties, the contributions of university- and corporation-funded research, commercial production, and the rise of Pixar. We will consider the companies and personalities in computer animation who have shaped the art form and continue to influence it, the contributions to computer animation from visionaries around the world, and current day applications of animated imagery. Throughout the course, we will screen important works from the canon of computer animation, including the earliest computer-animated shorts, scenes from Beauty and the Beast, the first Pixar shorts, Toy Story, Final Fantasy, motion capture for games, and international works.

Course Syllabus

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