Elective Courses

CINE 116 - Screenwriting

ENGL 116
601 |Marc Lapadula |M 5-8pm

This course will look at the screenplay as both a literary text and blue-print for production. Several classic screenplay texts will be critically analyzed (i.e. Rebel Without a Cause, Chinatown, Psycho, etc.) Students will then embark on writing their own scripts. We will intensively focus on: character enhancement, creating "believable" cinematic dialogue, plot development and story structure, conflict, pacing, dramatic foreshadowing, the element of surprise, text and subtext and visual story-telling. Students will submit their works-in-progress to the workshop for discussion. Students interested in taking the class should submit a brief writing sample to Professor Marc Lapadula, Department of English, 127 Fisher-Bennett Hall, 3340 Walnut Street. Also, include your name, last four digits of your social security number, e-mail, address where you can be reached. Permit is required from the instructor.

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