Courses > 2005 Spring


CINE 206 - Horror Cinema

FREN 282 | COML 372
401 Philippe Met | T 1:30-4:30pm

Previous versions of this course (NOT a prerequisite) have offered a historical survey of the genre and a look at lesser-known cult classics of horror cinema in an international context. This time around the focus will be on two national cinemas: France (with, after a detour via Georges Franju's 1959 masterpiece Les Yeux sans visage , an emphasis on the contemporary period which has been witnessing an unprecedented revival in horror) and Italy (with an emphasis on the 1960s-1970s, i.e. the Golden Age of Gothic horror and the giallo headed by the likes of Bava and Argento, and a few incursions into more recent fare). Issues of ethics, gender, sexuality, violence, spectatorship will be examined through a variety of critical lenses (psychoanalysis, socio-historical and cultural context, aesthetics, politics, gender, etc.). The class will be conducted in English.