Voices (of Others) in Israel

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CINE 224 - Voices (of Others) in Israel

AMES 154
401 |Nili Gold |TR 3-4:30pm

While the American tradition sanctifies the "pursuit of happiness," Israeli consciousness does not. The "tug of war" between the individual's right to seek happiness on the one hand, and the commitment to collective, national causes on the other, is an overarching theme in the 54 year-old existence of Israeli literature and culture. This struggle between passion and obligation evolves in different forms through cinematic and literary works, crosses lines of gender and genre, age and ethnic background. The constant shadow of war made "terrible flowers of love blossom" (Amichai), but led to a culture and art of perpetual repression of desire. This course will introduce studnets to works of fiction, poetry, and film created by Israeli men and women from 1948 onward. Films includes works by M. Bat Adam, U. Barbash, D. Karpel, and Mizrahi.

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