Peter Decherney

Peter Decherney
Professor of English and Cinema Studies
Fisher-Bennett Hall 211

Peter Decherney is Professor of Cinema Studies and English at the University of Pennsylvania, with a secondary appointment at the Annenberg School for Communication and an affiliation with the Center for Technology, Innovation, and Competition at Penn Law School. He is the author of Hollywood’s Copyright Wars: From Edison to the Internet and Hollywood and the Culture Elite: How the Movies Became American, as well as the co-editor of the journal Critical Studies in Media Communication and co-editor of the forthcoming book Iranian Cinema in a Global Context. He has testified before the Copyright Office of the United States and filed an amicus briefs in several cases, including the Supreme Court Case of Golan v. Holder. Prof. Decherney has been an Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Scholar, a fellow of the American Council of Learned Societies, and a U.S. State Department Arts Envoy to Myanmar. He has won multiple teaching awards at Penn, and he is a contributor.

Cinema Studies Program
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