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CINE 594 - Bodies

ARTH 594
301 |Leo Bersani |R 3-5pm |VANP FLMCR

Not a history of how the body has been represented. Rather, a partial inventory of corporeal positionalities, in view of elucidating Foucault's contrast between sex and "a different economy of bodies and pleasures." Examples: bodies in collision (Lars vonTrier's Melancholia and excerpts from George Herbert Read); bodies in correspondence (ancient Assyrian sculpture and a film by Alain Resnais); bodies with machines (David Cronenberg's filmCrash); bodies to be wary of (Racine, Mme de Lafayette); bodies without organs (Deleuze); the named body (Bourdieu); the psychic body (soma-analysis and the Freudian drive).

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