Film Sound and Film Music

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CINE 137 - Film Sound and Film Music

MUSC 081
401 |Carolyn Abbate |R 2-5pm |MUSB CONF

This course is an introduction to classic film scores, music written for movies from the late 1920s to the 1960s. At the same time, we will deal with film sound in general: the technology that made silent movies "talk," the rules and tricks of sound and music production for film, and the scientific and aesthetic theories behind different approaches to the soundtrack. One goal of the course is for students to learn to listen analytically to what is heard on a soundtrack. Another is to get a sense for the ways that European classical music (opera and symphony) influenced and continues to influence film composers. Students do not need to read music for this course: we deal with film music on an aural basis and look at musical notation occasionally. Some musical background (for example, playing an instrument) could be helpful.

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