How to Watch a Movie

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CINE 500 - How to Watch a Movie

640 |Charney, Leo |M 5:30-8:10pm |FBH 244

In this course, we will look closely, each week, at a single element of a movie, such as camerawork, editing, music, acting, composition, and plot structure.  How does each element contribute to a film’s overall effect?  How do different filmmakers, using the same basic ingredients, create very different moods, rhythms, and stories?  How can close attention to a film’s component parts help support our opinions and evaluations?  The class will examine the history and functions of each element, in a wide range of screenings, clips, and weekly reviews.  Filmmakers will include Allen, Almodóvar, Altman, both Coppolas, Hitchcock, Wong Kar-Wai, Jancsó, Lee, Nolan, Renoir, di Sica, Sirk, Spielberg, and Welles.

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