Italian Women Directors

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CINE 548 - Italian Women Directors

ITAL 586
401 |Stefania Benini |R 1:30-3:30pm |GLAB 101

In Peter Bondanella' s book, "Italian Cinema, from Neorealism to the Present,"  only two Italian women directors are mentioned: Lina Wertmuller and Liliana Cavani. However, in recent years, the Italian cinema has generated a new wave of Italian women directors who have significantly made their mark on the national cinematic imagination. Francesca Archibugi, Roberta Torre, Cristina e Francesca Comencini, Antonietta De Lillo, Fiorella Infascelli, Anna Negri,Laura Muscardin among others, have established themselves as important voices of the last generation of Italian filmmakers in feature films, Angela Ricci Lucchi in the realm of non-fiction films and Alina Marazzi in the realm of documentary. In this course, we are going to explore their films, in connection to feminist and post-feminist culture in Italy, examining the originality of their approach and their relationships to the challenges offered by the advent of new technologies. The course will be taught in Italian.

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