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CINE 695 - Iberian Cinema

SPAN 687
401 |Michael Solomon |R 4:30-7:30pm

This seminar offers an overview and critical examination of Spanish Cinema (including the Basque, Catalan and Portuguese contribution to Iberian cinema) . Beginning with early silent film innovators such as Segundo de Chomón and Luis Buñuel, the seminar units will cover Francoist film, Spanish neo-realism, cinema during the Spanish Transition and La movida, recent Spanish cinema since 1990, regional Iberian cinema, and the advent of short digital filmmaking. In conjunction with the works of filmmakers such as Almodóvar, Medem, Saura, Erice, Bardem, Berlanga, Villaronga, Patino, de la Iglesia, and Franco, we will examine a variety of film theory including the ideas developed by Eisenstein, Bazin, Metz, Kacauer, Deleuze, Carroll, Mulvey, Gunning, Barthes, Williams, Stam, and Clover. The seminar is taught in English although not all required feature-length films are available with English subtitles. Please contact the instructor for more information.

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