Dream and Nightmare in Fiction and Film

Elective Courses

CINE 125 - Dream and Nightmare in Fiction and Film

RUSS 185 | COML 185
401 |Sharon Allen |TR 3-4:30pm

This course is devoted to some of the most exciting modern films and novels from Latin America, Russia, and Europe -- dreams and nightmares that allow us to comprehend the "underground" of human experience. Our approach will be comparative, considering literary works in the context of film and the other arts, with special emphasis on several directors who laid the foundations of modern film: Fritz Lang, Dziga Vertov, and Sergei Eisenstein. Topics of discussion will include: creativity, deviant behavior, cultural dialogue, dissent, "delirious" modern cities (St. Petersburg, Prague, Rio de Janiero), and death. Works by Dostoevsky, Gogol, Kafka, Proust, Lispector, Machado de Assis, Mario de Andrade, Saramago, Petrushevskaia, Pelevin and others.

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