Study Abroad

Study Abroad: Cinema Studies students also have the chance to study abroad, either through the Penn-in-London program, an opportunity to experience first-hand the preservation and archiving techniques of the National Film Archive, or through the Penn-in-Cannes program, which enables students to attend festival screenings and lectures as well as meet with members of the industry.



A. For work completed at another domestic institution, please submit a transfer credit form from your school to Mr. Nicola M. Gentili, along with a syllabus and any written work you did for each course. You may do so by dropping off the materials at Fisher-Bennett Hall 209A. Transfer credit will not be accepted for:
CINE 101 - World Film History and Analysis I, 1890-1945
CINE 102 - World Film History and Analysis II, 1945-present
CINE 103 - Introduction to Film Theory
All majors must complete these three courses at Penn.

B. For courses you plan to take on a study abroad program, we encourage you to submit course descriptions to Mr. Nicola M. Gentili. Upon review, we may grant pending approval of those courses. To receive full credit after you return to Penn, you must submit a Penn Abroad Course Approval form, or its equivalent from your school, along with syllabi from the classes and any written work completed. Please note that it is each student’s responsibility to enroll only in courses that are as demanding as those at Penn.

C. Criteria for Transfer Credit Evaluation: All courses are considered on a case-by-case basis, but the following standards generally apply: instructors should hold a Ph.D. degree or its equivalent; courses in community colleges and evening or extension programs are usually not approved; courses that do not require substantial written work are not approved. Students should save all paperwork from their time abroad (written work, syllabi, course descriptions) and submit them for review with their appropriate forms.

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In exceptional circumstances, students may request that an independent study be counted toward the major, but such studies must first be approved by the program director prior to the commencement of the independent study. Students wishing to undertake an independent study must submit a proposal to both the project advisor and the program director outlining the nature of the study and why an independent study is necessary. Independent study advisors must hold a Ph.D.