Kumar Shahani

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 - 5:00am


Penn South Asia Center, Department of English, and the Cinema Studies Program
in collaboration with Arcadia University



Screening of
Char Adhyay (Four Chapters)

Kumar Shahani, 1997

Q&A with filmmaker to follow

Born in 1940, In Larkana, Sind, Kumar Shahani has had his education in Mumbai, Pune and Paris, and studied with two great modernist cinematic masters, Ritik Ghatak and Robert Bresson. He has made films since the late 60s and has been invited by countries across the globe to present his films and his views. He has taught and written extensively on the theory emerging from the practice of Indian art and won several National and International awards, including the Prince Claus award for the invention of a new cinematic idiom.


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