Film After 9-11: Journalism and Film

Tuesday, October 19, 2004 - 5:00pm


Panelists: Rebecca Traister and Matthew Zoller Seitz

Rebecca Traister is a Philadelphia native who graduated from Northwestern University with a degree in American Studies in 1997. After working for a year as an assistant to an actor, she became an editorial assistant at Talk magazine and the reported on film at the New York Observer for four years. She is currently a staff writer at Salon. She has freelanced for The New York Times, GQ, Elle, New York, and a variety of other places. She has written extensively on the film industry, as well as on issues of gender in the media and politics.

Matthew Zoller Seitz is a filmmaker and media critic. A 1994 finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in criticism, Seitz is film critic of the Manhattan weekly New York Press and TV columnist for the Star-Ledgerof Newark, New Jersey. His writing on film, TV and popular culture has appeared in The New York Times, Gear, Newsday, IFC Rant, Scenario Magazine, Dallas Observer and Sound and Vision. His articles have been reprinted in John Pierson’s memoir of the independent film industry, Spike, Mike, Slackers and Dykes; in the Making of a Charlie Brown Christmas, and in the published edition of Kevin Smith’s screenplays for Clerks and Chasing Amy. He directed the feature film, Home, and has written and produced numerous films.

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