From Literature into Film: Spain and Latin America

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CINE 396 - From Literature into Film: Spain and Latin America

LALS 397 | SPAN 396
402 |Olga Guadalupe |MWF 12-1pm |WILL 216

This course focuses on how a literary work is transformed into cinematic form when the camera lens replaces the reader’s eye. We will analyze narrative as a common feature in both media, the relations between verbal and visual language, and the impact of the written word and the film image. The study of the adaptation of the literary work into film and the comparative analysis of both texts will highlight the similarities and differences between literature and film as well as questions the possibilities and limitations of each art form. Literary and cinematic texts will be studied both as a means of artistic communication, paying close attention to the demands raised by the literary text for its visual translation, as well as a mirror and interpretation of Hispanic’s historical, social, and cultural reality. Course includes readings of Spanish and Latin American literary works covering all genres (drama, short stories, novel) and periods, from the Renaissance to Modern times. For the cinematic counterparts special emphasis is given to contemporary films from the 1980’s to the present.

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