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Elective Courses

CINE 232 - Brazil: History and Culture throughout Film (OFFERED IN SPANISH)

SPAN 223 | PRTG 240
402 | TR 3-4:30pm | WILL 421

This seminar will explore Brazilian film production, both documentary and full-feature, in order to point out essential aspects of the history and culture of Brazil. The films will be used as an overture for the discussion of topics such as the colonization of Brazil (DesmundoHans Staden,Carlota Joaquina a Princesa do Brasil), the complex relations between Indigenous peoples, Africans and Europeans in Brazil (Quilombo, Xica da Silva, Brava Gente Brasileira), the struggles during the establishment of the Brazilian nation (A Guerra de CanudosNetto Perde Sua Alma), and the relation between Brazil and its Hispanic neighbors (Anahy de las Misiones,A Guerra do Brasil).