Philippe Met

Philippe Met
Penn French
Professor of French

Philippe C. Met is Editor-in-Chief of French Forum, a member of the editorial or advisory board of several journals, and the author of over 60 refereed articles and book chapters on a wide range of topics pertaining to literature (including graphic novels) and film. His single-authored books include: Formules de la poésie. Études sur Ponge, Leiris, Char et Du Bouchet (PUF, 1999) and La Lettre tue. Spectre(s) de l’écrit fantastique (P. U. du Septentrion, 2009). He contributed to the prestigious Pléiade edition of Francis Ponge's Collected Works, and edited André du Bouchet et ses Autres (Ed. Les Lettres Modernes, 2003) as well as a volume of Nu(e) on French poet Yves Charnet (2009). With Jean-Michel Rabaté, he co-edited a special issue of L’Esprit créateur on Mallarmé (2000), and with Jean-Louis Leutrat and Suzanne Lindrat-Guigues he worked on the critical edition of Frédéric de Towarnicki’s script for a never-completed film by Alain Resnais, Les Aventures de Harry Dickson (Capricci, 2007). He is currently completing a book manuscript on the esthetic and phenomenology of poetic notebooks (Fausses Notes, to be published by Rodopi), and researching two new projects: one on the figure of the child and representations of childhood in horror films; the other on ghost cinema (a study of uncompleted and inherently uncompletable film projects). He is regularly invited to lecture at various academic or research institutions in the US, Europe, Australia and Asia.


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