Master Class | Jean-Francois Dars and Anne Papillault

Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 7:00pm

Master Class with Jean-François Dars and Anne Papillault

Documenting the World from Politics to Sub-Atomic Particles

Scribe Video Center is pleased to welcome the celebrated documentary filmmakers Anne Papillault and Jean-François Dars to talk about their work and their current approach to media making. Defined as “activist videomakers,” their early work in video and film was created in support of the general strikes and student protests of May 1968 in France. Dars and Papillault worked closely with pioneering documentary filmmaker Chris Marker and were part of Slon/Vidéo, the activist video collective created by Marker and Inger Servolin.

Since the 1980s they have been “documentarians-in-residence” for CRNS, the French National Center for Scientific Research. Their recent “Short Story” series uses still photos and audio interviews as a way to understand the way scientists think, work, and create.

Presented in partnership with Temple Film and Media Arts and the Slought Foundation.

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