Screening and Talk | Christian Delage

Thursday, September 27, 2012 - 5:30pm

Christian Delage

presents his latest movie

From Hollywood to Nuremberg: John Ford, Samuel Fuller, George Stevens

Hollywood directors John Ford, George Stevens, and Samuel Fuller entertained audiences with American cinema classics like The Grapes of Wrath, Shane, and The Big Red One. But their most important contribution to history was their work in the U.S. Armed Forces and Secret Services, filming the realities of war and the liberation of Nazi concentration camps. Their documentation provides an essential visual record of WWII. Filming the Camps presents rare footage of the liberation of Dachau with detailed directors’ notes, narratives describing burials at Falkenau, and the documentary produced as evidence at the Nuremberg trials, among other historic material.

Christian Delage is a historian and a filmmaker. He is a professor at the University Paris 8 and also teaches at Sciences Po Paris. Since the mid-1990s, Professor Delage has worked on the history of the Holocaust, the filmed record of the liberation of the Nazi camps, and the international Trials. His book, La Vérité par l'image, published in France in 2006, is forthcoming in 2013 at Upenn Press. His documentary, Nuremberg: The Nazis Facing Their Crimes, premiered at Lincoln Center in 2007. He also served as a policy advisor on the filming of the Khmer Rouge trials and produced Cameras in the Courtroom, a documentary discussing the issue of filming trials. Professor Delage has shaped the permanent exhibition of the Compiegne's Internment and Deportation Memorial, and, a special exhibition for the Shoah Memorial in Paris, Filming the camps, which is being held in New York at the Museum of Jewish Heritage until mid-October.


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