Film Festival | New Authors of Italian Cinema, Day 1

Thursday, November 29, 2012 - 5:30pm

The Cinema Studies Program and the Center for Italian Studies
at the University of Pennsylvania
in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia



29 November - 2 December, 2012

A free admission film festival made possible thanks to the support of

The Cinema Studies Program and the Center for Italian Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Consulate General of Italy in Philadelphia and N.I.C.E. New Italian Cinema Events, present the 2012 edition of New Authors of Italian Cinema. This four-day festival has been curated by Nicola M. Gentili (Penn, Cinema Studies) and aims at promoting Italian Cinema abroad. Eight of the best feature films directed in the past year by Italy's most promising filmmakers will be presented on the Philadelphia screen. In order to establish an ideal conversation between new filmic and academic "authors," one of Penn's Italian PhD students will introduce and discuss each film. The final remarks will be addressed by Stefania Benini, Professor of Italian Cinema at the University of Pennsylvania.


Thursday, November 29 @ 5:30pm
Presenter: Norman Rusin

Scialla | Easy!
Francesco Bruni, 2011

Bruno is a former writer and professor. He meets Luca, a restless 15-year-old, grown up without a father.

Thursday, November 29 @ 8:30pm
Presenter: Claudia Consolati

Appartamento ad Atene | Apartment in Athens
Ruggiero di Paola, 2011

Athens, 1942. The apartment of the Helianos gets requisitioned to host a German officer. Methodical, ascetic and cruel, Kalter imposes terror.

Friday, November 30 @ 5:30pm
Presenter: Elisa Modolo

100 metri dal paradiso | 100 Meters to Heaven
Raffaele Verzillo, 2012

The endeavor of Monsignor Angelo Paolini, who decides to form the Vatican Olympic National team.

Friday, November 30 @ 8:30pm
Presenter: Alessandra Mirra

Io sono Li | Shun Li and the Poet
Andrea Segre, 2011

The romantic and difficult friendship between a young Chinese woman and a Slavic fisherman on an island in the Venetian lagoon.

Saturday, December 1 @ 5:30pm
Presenter: Nicolò Moscatelli

I più grandi di tutti | The greatest of Them All
Carlo Virzì, 2012

The Plutos had began their rock adventure: They had recorded two albums and placed a song in a popular television commercial.

Saturday, December 1 @ 8:30pm
Presenter: Andrew Korn

Diaz | Diaz - Don't Clean Up This Blood
Daniele Vicari, 2012

In 2001, on the last day of the G8 summit in Genoa, more than 300 police officers stormed the Diaz school, looking for black bloc demonstrators.

Sunday, December 2 @ 5:30pm
Presenter: Michele Rossi

I primi della lista | The First on the List
Roan Johnson, 2011

Renzo and Fabio go for a guitar tryout at Pino house, a songwriter well integrated within the environment of the protest.


Sunday, December 2 @ 8:30pm
Presenter: Sarah Massoni

Ciliegine | The Cherry on the Cake
Laura Morante, 2012
Amanda is convinced that all men are unreliable. The only way to protect herself is by never letting herself go.

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