Waste of identity: the activist who never existed

Thursday, October 6, 2011 - 6:30pm

Waste of identity: the activist who never existed

Leo Bersani, Jonathan Katz, Kaja Silverman, Jean-Michel Rabaté

Slought Foundation is pleased to announce "Waste of identity: the activist who never existed," an evening conversation with Leo Bersani, Jonathan Katz, and Kaja Silverman, moderated by Jean-Michel Rabaté. A special screening of Bjarne Melgaard's Bjarne Melgaard Interviews Leo Bersani (2011) will be held from 2-3:45pm, and from 4-5:45pm, courtesy of Greene Naftali Gallery, New York.

Taking Bjarne Melgaard's interview with the renowned gay theoretician Leo Bersani as a point of departure, which samples historical attitudes and terminologies, this conversation will explore issues of gay marriage, gay activism, and the apparent permissiveness of the present moment. Is there a singular sense of gay identity today? Can it rely on activism, and can art help a certain form of activism emerge?

This program is made possible in part through the generous support of the Department of English at the University of Pennsylvania, Bjarne Melgaard Studio, Greene Naftali Gallery, and the Society of Friends of the Slought Foundation.

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