Colloquium | Rebecca Bushnell

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 - 12:00pm

Rebecca Bushnell

Cinematic Time and Tragedy

This talk is part of a larger project on time in tragedy, concerned with both what tragedies say about time and how they exist in time, in texts, in performance, and on the screen. Since the tragic experience is always defined by temporal boundaries, the temporality of the medium makes all the difference. Even though they may appear to unfold in the present, all tragedies are fundamentally polychronic, opening up a portal to a time outside of their time, whether to the past or future.  This presentation will focus on tragedy's  temporality in the medium of film. Film is, after all,  the quintessential medium of “time travel,” a time stitched together, but vulnerable to disruption.

Cinema Studies Program
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