We Do Not Exist: A documentary on Philadelphias Sex Trafficking Industry

Thursday, May 7, 2009 - 5:00am

Screening followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Jean Elizabeth Lee

Are you surprised to learn that Philadelphia hosts America’s 3rd largest sex trafficking industry?
Are you a first-time fillmmaker or interested in making your own film?
Are you interested in documentaries?
Do you want to learn how to get funding for your film and/or research projects?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above, then you should attend!

Jean Elizabeth Lee is a Senior majoring in English and Cinema Studies.

We Do Not Exist is her first film.

Cinema Studies Program
209A Fisher-Bennett Hall ⋅ 3340 Walnut Street ⋅ Philadelphia, PA 19104 ⋅ (215) 898-8782