Kenneth Kaufman: A seminar on story development

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 - 5:00pm


Want to turn your idea into a movie?

TV and film producer Kenneth Kaufman will lead a small seminar on story development

Kenneth Kaufman is president and chief operating officer of Patchett Kaufman Entertainment (PKE), a production company committed to developing and producing quality television for the worldwide entertainment marketplace. Kaufman has executive produced over 40 films for the broadcast and cable networks, most recently “Dean Koontz’s Black River” for Fox starring Jay Mohr and the ABC mini-series “Widows” starring Mercedes Ruehl, Brooke Shields, and Rosie Perez. 

Story Development: A Lost Art In A Commercial World?

I hope to help be a guide through the process of development - the creation of a film or television project from original idea to finished screenplay.What are helpful ways to think about your story? What's the "language" of the development process? How can you make your own work better?

Send a three-page treatment for a theatrical or television movie to Cinema Studies Prof. Peter Decherney by
NOVEMBER 1st . Treatments should include (1) a one-paragraph description of the project; (2) a brief outline of the story with a beginning, middle, and end; and (3) a description of the characters. We only have space for seven students

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