TWO GENERATORS (1984) and DR. NO (1962)

Wednesday, December 14, 2005 - 6:00pm


Two Generators and Dr. No
Sponsored by Istitute of Contemporary Art, International House, and Cinema Studies

Rodney Graham says of his first film: Two Generators (1984) documented the night-time illumination of a river- Gold Creek, near Vancouver- by means of diesel-generator-powered lighting units of a kind used by paving crews and on logging camps...My intention was to create a burlesque travesty and a spectacle that would inspire negative thoughts about the cinema, which I neurotically hated at the time."

Come see the 4-minute, 35mm feature film, which according to the artist's intentions must be shown repeatedly in a movie theater by a projectionist for a duration of time based on the cost of renting the theater and paying the projectionist- as yet to be calculated. It will run prelude to a screening of the very first James Bond movie, Doctor No (1962), a touchstone for Graham's work.

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