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CINE 061 - Video I

FNAR 061
401 |Emory Van Cleve |M 10am-1pm |ADDM 207
402 |Emory Van Cleve |W 10am-1pm |ADDM 207
403 |Ellen Reynolds |T 4:30-7:30pm |ADDM 207
404 |Ellen Reynolds |R 1:30-4:30pm |ADDM 207
405 |Jenny Perlin |W 2-5pm |ADDM 207

This course provides students with the introductory skills and concepts related to producing short works that explore the language of the moving image. Students will learn the basics of cinematography and editing through a series of assignments designed to facilitate the use of the medium for artistic inquiry, cultural expression and narrative storytelling, through both individual and group projects.

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Cinema Studies Program
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