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CINE 540 - Digital Battlegrounds

COMM 540
401 |Joseph Turow |R 3-5pm |ANNS 222

Students will read books and articles that address several key areas of social concern and confrontation around the web and mobile devices as well as the “over-the-horizon” topic of augmented reality. We will consider each topic for about two class sessions, reading extended works on the subjects and as well as related articles. Topics and authors we will cover include: The collaborative “nature” of the web (Clay Shirkey, Yochai Benkler); Social profiling, reputation and the media  (Dan Solove, Joseph Turow); Privacy (Helen Nissenbaum); The right to forget (Viktor Mayer-Schonberger); The meaning and implications of “free” the in digital world (Chris Anderson); Threats to traditional journalism (McChesney and Nichols); Social implications of augmented-reality technologies (various academic and trade writings). Students will write a semester paper as well as weekly critical analyses of the reading.

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