Copyright, Creativity, and New Media

Graduate Courses

CINE 500 - Copyright, Creativity, and New Media

COML 506 | ENGL 492
641 |Peter Decherney |T 5:30-8:10pm |FBH 138

This course examines the impact of copyright law on artists and creative industries. Looking at publishing, music, film, and software, we will ask how the law drove the adoption of new media, and we will consider how regulation influences artistic decisions. The course will cover both the history of copyright law and current debates, legislation, and cases. We will also follow major copyright stories in the news. Readings cover such diverse topics as the player piano, Disney films, YouTube, video game consoles, hip hop, the Grateful Dead, file sharing, The Catcher in the Rye, and many more. In addition to active participation, students will write papers on fair use, do in-class presentations, and write a research paper.


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