Women in Hispanic Cinema

Elective Courses

CINE 390 - Women in Hispanic Cinema

LALS 396 | SPAN 390
402 |Reyes Caballo-Márquez |MWF 1-2pm |WILL 318

This course will explore representations of women in Latin American and Spanish cinema over the last century. By looking into a wide variety of depictions of women (cabareteras, prostitutes, immigrants, historical figures, etc.), we will craft a history of women in Hispanic cinema. We will analyze how the portrayals of women change in different social, political, historical, and cultural contexts. What is Hispanic cinema telling us about how our societies imagine women and femininity? How have female roles evolved in a century of Hispanic cinema? How do different conceptualizations of gender affect female representations? The film selection for this course will include works by Pedro Almodóvar, María Luisa Bemberg, Icíar Bollaín, Luis Buñuel, Alberto Gout, Lucrecia Martel, Helena Taberna, and Fina Torres. This class is conducted in Spanish and the texts are read in the original.

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