"Ghosts": The Spanish Civil War in Literature and Cinema

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CINE 385 - "Ghosts": The Spanish Civil War in Literature and Cinema

SPAN 386
401 |Lídía Léon-Blázquez |MWF 1-2pm |WILL 306

From its very eruption, the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) gained the attention of artists and writers, who saw it both as a national conflict and as the crossroad where the new geopolitics of the 20th century would be defined. Today, seventy years later, it continues being an unsolved trauma in Spanish society, producing images that reveal an ongoing need for collective catharsis. Over the course of time, these representations have changed considerably. We will examine them in their specific contexts, studying those which appeared during the conflict itself, after the advent of the Francoist dictatorship and the massive exile of dissidents, and with the later return to constitutional monarchy. We will consider the impact that the situation of emergency during war, the subsequent Francoist and Cold War censorships, and the later “pact of silence” undertaken by Spanish democracy had on these representations. Our discussions will cover narrative works, memoirs, poems, theatre plays, songs, works of art, documentaries and movies. This class is conducted in Spanish and the texts are read in the original.

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