20th Century Chinese Literature and Film

Elective Courses

CINE 220 - 20th Century Chinese Literature and Film

EALC 125
401 |Xiaojue Wang |TR 1:30-3pm |WILL 421

This course introduces students to the history, themes, genres, and major works of modern Chinese literature and cinema in three major geopolitical categories: Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Chinese literary and visual imaginations have been embroiled in complex circumstances such as the rise of nationalism, Chinese revolutions, the pursuit of modernization, political upheavals, collective desires to imagine and reinvent the cultural past, breakneck economic development, and global circulations of image culture. By examining a wide range of key literary and filmic texts, we will explore the following questions: What constitutes Chinese modernity or modernities? How has cultural/national identity of “Chinese” been conceived and negotiated? How have literature and film become social expressions during the 20th century? All readings and screenings are in English or English translation. No knowledge of Chinese is required to take this course.

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