Youth Culture in Iran

Elective Courses

CINE 115 - Youth Culture in Iran

COML 114 | NELC 115
401 |Blake Atwood |TR 10:30am-12pm |WILL 29

The Islamic Republic of Iran sought to create for its citizens a new Islamic subjectivity, and today’s young people, all born after the Revolution of 1978-79, were the targets of that process. By probing the political, cultural, and artistic interests that the young people in Iran have engaged since the Revolution, we might evaluate the effectiveness of that project. To what extent has the Iranian youth conformed to or resisted the kind of citizenship that its government determined for it? Do we sense ambivalence or apathy towards that subjectivity? This course will provide students with the materials necessary to construct an ethnographic portrait of contemporary Iranian youth. Examining a wide range of sources, including films, documentaries, blogs, graffiti, photography, memoirs, music videos, and novels, we will specifically attempt to locate and explore the various languages—visual, musical, written, and spoken—that have emerged alongside these youth cultures.

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